Monday, April 11, 2011

Giggles, giggles

Today was hard to get up and go back to work- but this video kept me going! We enjoyed every last minute of our spring break :) and it just makes us really really ready for summer. Last night right before baths and bed, Ivy and Tula were snuggling together and sharing sister humor! Hop on over to you tube and catch a listen of some super contagious giggles. Who knew the "p" sound could be so funny? I have watched it over and over.... I hope it melts your heart as much as it much as it does this Mommy's!

And I had to add a picture just for fun-- Ivy is (sort of ) giving up rights to the baby swing and sharing it with her sister from time to time! The Easter bunny still may have bring Tula her own :)


  1. Baby laughs are one of the sweetest sounds EVER! I just can't get enough. Ivy and Tula are so sweet. I am so glad that Tula is sleeping so well now!

    Completely random... there is new couple that comes to church and they have a little girl that looks nearly identical to Tula (or what I have seen of Tula's pictures). I want to take a picture so you can see how much they look alike but I don't know them yet. I don't want to scare them away:)

    Gabby likes baby swings too:)

  2. LOVE THIS!!!! her little personality is so cute and so sweet.

  3. I'm glad my 3-year old is not the only one who makes 1 syllable sounds repeatedly at his sibling! It cracks me up that Sawyer finds it funny. Then again, I'm pretty sure his brother could do anything and he would laugh. Your girls look like they're the same way.

  4. I have watched this over and over---too cute!


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