Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ears... again!

Dr. Ivy was examining Baby Tula and she also recommends some "teeny-tiny tubes" for her sister!

Tula is definitely our child. The poor girl has the same ear genetics that God blessed Greg and I with. Ivy was born and within months the ear infections hit. After 10 ear infections we FINALLY did tubes a few days shy of her 1st birthday. Tula is on the same track. The ear infections began mid-December and we just completed antibiotics for number 6. She has had less the two weeks off antibiotics between the ear infections. Once again.... poor girl! Dr. Hosinski told us it was time for the ENT so today we went to visit. I have to say. I was nervous and I had reservations. But like the Dr. said- this is the track she is on and her genes aren't going to change tomorrow! But sure enough after her exam, fluid test (FAIL) , and hearing test (PASS), Dr. Parell says tubes need to be done sooner rather than later. Our little patient will get tubes a week from tomorrow! We would greatly appreciate your prayers- good hands for the Dr., freedom from anxiety for Mommy and Daddy, and that Tula does well through surgery (all 7 minutes)!


  1. So sweet-maybe a future nurse?? Tula will feel much better after the tubes. By the way, love Ivy's haircut!

  2. I'll send some prayers your way!

  3. Poor little thing. Just think how much better she'll feel. Prayers!

  4. Poor little Tula! Praying everything goes well and that she feels much better after.


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