Saturday, April 23, 2011


I appreciate good friends for my kiddos- and it's an added bonus when you love their parents just as much!

Ivy and Rhett always enjoy themselves and compromise between "girl" things and "boy" things. Even at the age of 3 they are quick to say- that's for girls or this is for boys! They play cowboys and cowgirls- Ivy wouldn't even know how to ride a horse (real or stick) if it wasn't for Rhett. And let's just say, Rhett is pretty awesome at feeding baby dolls and taking good care of them too. They make a good team now and I can only hope they will forever!

Even Sidney Shea and Tula are enjoying some bonding time! When Tula can move like Sidney Shea they will be quite the pair but for now their friendship is sort of a one way street :) Sidney Shea is the entertainer and Tula keeps a good watch on her moves and listens closely to what she is saying!

I am thankful for friends.... for both the mamas and the babies!


  1. Cute pics! It looks like got new pillows on your couch??? Exciting!

  2. you just made me cry! it is soooo great to have both great friends and the best part...Christians. what better role models! Just think, someday maybe you can say that about us as in-laws:)


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