Monday, May 2, 2011

Updates on the SmorsGirls

I couldn't resist sharing this adorable picture of two little girls.... squeaky clean after bath time!

A Tula update- Tula successfully got her tubes last Thursday. The surgery went well but our girl hasn't been quite the same ever since. My mommy instinct believes the two situations are unrelated but regardless it isn't fun! I hope that today is the turning point- she has had NO fever since Friday evening, has eaten the best she has since last Wednesday, and she is overall smiley :) .... like above! We are hopeful that whatever little baby bug she has had is gone and our good sleeping girl should be back tonight. Otherwise this is what is new with Tula:
* She is eating all babyfood and loves it all!

*Her attention span to nurse is short- but her thighs tell me she is still getting plenty of milk.

*She is rolling and scooching her little booty up in the air when she is trying to reach a toy.

* Her favorite toys are the fish she plays with in the tub and she often carries one in her hand all day!

* She says "Da-da" and my favorite expression..."Blah-blah!" If only she knew the meanings :)

* She is starting to really enjoy books- not just eating them- but actually listening to the words and watching Mommy's face as I read.

An IVY update- Ivy is funny! Everyday she has something new up her sleeves and you never quite know what is coming next. Here are some of the latest:
* She knows how to snap and is quite proud of this accomplishment.

* She has learned some new words- like that "buff" means strong- ever since Nana referred to Pops as buff and Ivy responded with, "Yea, he's a buffalo!"

* She is loving all things arts and crafts.

* She is terrified of bugs again this year- these fears have now manifested into nightmares. We inspect the room for bugs (specifically, bees) and right now she is quick to fall back to sleep.

* She likes to "play church." The leaders of our church's pre-school program should know that Ivy is taking it ALL in. She sings, jumps, teaches lessons, and then ends it with saying a prayer- my favorite part.
"Okay, now kids, we are gonna say a pray-er so pete after me"
"Dear Jesus, ---- you need to say it, Mommy"
(She gives me NO wait time, she is ready for me to "pete" right away!)
"Thank you for our church and all the kids in this room. Thank you that you teached us so much."
Ivy may take after Unc and have some preacher genes in her blood!

Overall, the SmorsGirls are happy, growing, and very loved by Papa and MamaSmors!


  1. That is such a cute photo!!! Yay for Tula movin' around. And what is it about bathtub toys. B's favorite is his plastic bath fish. She lives in his crib now and hasn't seen water for months.

    Ivy, I totally understand....BUGS ARE GROSS!!!

  2. OH MY--love this picture!!

  3. lol this is a fantastic post! first, that picture is a classic. second, picturing tula doing all you are saying makes me smile uncontrollably. third, i love that Ivy called pops a buffalo, not quite the compliment mom was going for with "buff" haha. fourth, ivy playing church has got to be hilarious. can't wait to see you all again!

  4. I could eat them up in those towels! I just want to squeeze Tula!


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