Friday, May 13, 2011

A Wonderful Trip

When most think of a wonderful trip, we begin to think about sand and ocean water, a weekend at the lake, or visiting a city packed with history... but today Ivy had a wonderful trip but it wasn't of the vacation kind. Do you have a guess??

Ivy took her first field trip with Mommy's second graders.

It was a blast! First, she got to ride on a big school bus. This is what she was most excited about. She has been talking about riding a bus ever since she began sending off the buses and greeting them in the afternoon at her babysitters house. So this morning she was up before the sun and wanted to know how long until it was bus time! She sat beside the window and looked so tiny. She chatted ("chached") with some of my little girls and kept giving me a smile as if to say- I can't believe I am doing this?!?!
Then, we went to the Explorium, one of her favorite places to go! She had fun in the bubble room, sitting on the horse, and playing "nurse" with the sick babies. And I have to say, she was great! She fit right in with the big kids... except that they were quite a bit bigger than her! :)
Next stop, Shilito Park for a picnic lunch and some playground time. It was a great surprise to have Daddy meet us there since it was so close to his work. She swung on the big girl swings and had fun watching everyone else. I had quite a few little girls that took her under their wing and entertained Ivy a lot!
She spent the last hour at school with my Smarties in class silent reading and then listening to a read aloud. Ivy sat criss cross applesauce on the carpet with everyone else. She had a wonderful day and wonderful trip.... and she definitely came away with a few new friends!

This was one of those days that I counted my blessings that I am a teacher and I double counted them because I am at a school like Wilmore. It was so fun to enjoy this day playing Mommy and teacher all at once. I had all of my amazing parent volunteers (11 in all!) who helped chaperone and made it possible for me to bring Ivy along. I also had a principal who loved the fact that Ivy was coming along for the day! When she hired me she told me she was a family first boss.... and when Ivy was born she told me she always expects me to be mommy first and she has held true to that time and time again!

Today I was soaking it all in- my cup definitely was overflowing!


  1. This is precious! So many blessings, big and small!

  2. Sounds like Miss Ivy had a blast! You are so lucky to have a principal that supports you as a family person and let Ivy go with you! What a true blessing!

  3. Oh my--what a great day! Happy for you and Ivy!

  4. that sounds so fun for her! i'm sure she was absolutely loving it.

  5. I bet she felt so big being with your class! What a blessing to have such a family oriented boss.

  6. Sounds like a terrific day!! :)

  7. So much fun! That is so wonderful about your principle being so family oriented. Ivy looks so happy in that picture:)


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