Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding Weekend

This weekend I was honored to be in the wedding of an "old" friend..... when I say old I don't mean she's old I mean we have been friends for more than half of our life and that seems like eternity! We met when we were 12 and have been planning our weddings together ever since and she was beautiful. :) I hope it was the princess extravaganza that she always imagined.... I thought it was absolutely perfect. This weekend was busy busy getting ready for the main event and last night I was exhausted. I hope that the bride and groom get plenty of rest and relaxation on their honeymoon... and I hope I get plenty of rest and relaxation because it is SUMMERTIME!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Jenkins!! WOO-HOO

Ivy and Mommy feeling rather HOT and STICKY at the reception! Ivy loved all the pretty dresses and she especially was drawn to my fake lashes. She is girly and loves all things girl!

This morning I realized how much I missed her over the past few days (I had PD on Thurs and Fri and then the rehearsal dinner on Fri and wedding things ALL day Sat). I was excited to just hang out with the family today. When I woke up Ivy and I had this sweet conversation....

Ivy: "Good morning, mommy! I like your pretty eye lashes, where are they?"

Mommy: "I took them off before bed, they were just for the wedding."

Ivy: "They are pretty, mommy."

Mommy: "Thank you."

Ivy: "But I am glad you are staying home with me today.... are you going to wear your eye lashes?"

Obsessed with the lashes.... MOST DEFINITELY..... Loves her mommy.... YES YES!! Ivy hardly ever tells me she misses me without me telling her first but this morning I could tell she was really glad I was going to be home today and that just melted my heart!


  1. I'm sad we didn't get to see the eye lashes at the creek!!!

  2. Weddings at Talon Winery are so beautiful!!

  3. Aww, how sweet. I'm so glad you get to soak each other up this summer. You look beautiful in the picture!!!


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