Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Smores at the Smorstad's

The Smorstad's LOVE chocolate.... and what chocolate lover doesn't love a delicious ooey-gooey smores!! We certainly love them and some people even say our last name can't be said without craving one of these yummy treats. :) So you must be wondering, where am I going with this.....? For Father's Day we bought Greg a little fire-pit for the back yard and we have already gotten great use out of it. Greg would say the fire-pit is for much more than smores- he is ready to camp in the back yard with Ivy!!! Here are some pictures capturing the first making of smores at the Smorstad's!

Getting the fire started...

Roasting the marshmallow... Ivy's favorite part!



  1. It looks like fun! I love smores!!!

  2. Ivy gets cuter every day. I love her hair cut. What a great Father's Day gift. Fire pits are so fun and useful. It's weird, because we use ours in the winter. It's just to hot to use in the summer and almost perfect weather to use it in the Florida winter months.

    I have so many memories of camping in the back yard. If Ivy is anything like me she'll be all about it only to come in to sleep about 11 p.m.

  3. We LOVED having smores at the Smorstad's!!

  4. So fun! We made smores when we were in Kentucky too. The girls thought they were fabulous. Your house looks so cute in the picture, I love you covered porch and hanging baskets. I can not wait until we can actually settle in a house some day for more than half a second!

  5. yum!!! lewis & i always make smores in the microwave. SO not awesome. i'd love a fire pit when we have a house!! what a great fathers day gift!

  6. \Yummy! Smores are great :) And, if Greg is anything like my husband he is going to find tons of reasons to use that fire pit!


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