Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Rhett

This week our buddy, Rhett, celebrated his 3rd birthday! Ivy was so excited to go to his "creek" party on Sunday that she wouldn't even take a nap. She laid in her bed singing Happy Birthday to Rhett over and over and then she finally came out and said she was ready to go!

Yes, I did say Rhett had a creek party and it could not have been more perfect! The kids played in the creek, caught minnows, crawdads, and other yucky creek type things. They had a blast! Rhett was so proud to show Ivy the creek and was ready for her to get in right away. Ivy was excited as long as Daddy was right by her side. Thank goodness Daddy was there because Mommy does not do creeks! :)

I am so glad the kiddos had so much fun!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Rhett!

Exploring with Daddy

Showing Mommy how old Rhett is :)

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  1. They are just going to HAVE to grow up and like each other--I mean really like each other! They are too cute together!


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