Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Our Daddy

This is the sight I came home to after grad school one night.... how sweet!

Some men are called to be police men, fire fighters, or soldiers. Some men are called to be race car drivers, star athletes, or rock stars. Callings are based on the gifts that God has blessed us with. My husband is called to be a daddy of girls. He isn't just a man that comes home from work, greets his wife and daughter, and then goes off to do his own thing... he is hands on. It makes me so proud to see Greg with Ivy. He truly treats her like a princess- which explains why Ivy wants to marry him when she is "growed up." He plays her games.... swaddling baby dolls, eating pretend cake, and even painting her nails. Not only does he play Ivy's way, but he also includes her in all that he does.... mowing the grass, washing the car, and even taking out the trash. Ivy knows without a doubt that her Daddy loves her. When we found out we were having another little girl I thought Greg might be disappointed.... but he looked at me with all honesty (I don't believe he knows how to lie).... and said, "Disappointed... why would I be? I can raise girls and be so excited for them to find cool husbands to hang out with some day!" However, he did make it a point to start exposing Ivy to some of his loves- soccer and fishing. I feel blessed beyond belief to have married a man that is my best friend and just so happens to be called to be a father to a parade of princesses. He is definitely outnumbered but he is doing well with this challenge!!

To the Daddy of the Princesses....

Happy Father's Day!

*We do not plan to stop having babies after number 2, but Greg believes that no matter how many babes we have... that he will be the only man standing! We will have to see....*


  1. You are blessed! Your dad and I prayed for your mate from the time you were a little girl. He is an awesome husband and daddy.

  2. Too sweet! I can say Matt has never painted our girls nails, but he does do plenty of girly things with them. It is too cute. And Naomi wants to marry Matt when she is grown up too. I love it:)

  3. Ain't a person in the world that doesn't love Greg! You, Ivy, and Tula are lucky girls.

  4. you all are so stinkin cute!! You look great Sarah!


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