Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Water and Giggles

I love the sound of laughter. It is a sound that I have always appreciated. I love to laugh with my family and friends, I love Greg's subtle comments that always make me giggle, I love to listen to kids in my class chuckle with one another, I remember the way I would light up to hear Ivy's first signs of laughter as a baby, and now today (especially after a day like yesterday) love thinking of the giggles that rang in my backyard on Sunday evening.

Ivy was in a silly mood. She wore her new bathing suit around, not really interested in swimming or getting wet, just wanting to model her new suit. I was trying to take a picture of her on the swing and she persisted to make funny faces- not in any mood to be serious. It was one of those days that God gifted me with as armor to survive the ugly days... you know what I am talking about. By the end of the evening, she became quite the instigator in a water fight with daddy!

Here is where it began.... Ivy with all the advantage and Daddy unarmed with any fair materials or the proper clothes.

Daddy realized she was serious and started to get her good.... we thought her laughter would quickly turn into a melt down with "hurt feelings" about getting splashed... but thankfully the fun continued!

Splashing, laughing, pouring, and giggling went on all evening! It was so fun to watch the two loves of my life enjoying each other so much. For the rest of the night I sat on the porch, rocking, and listening to one of my favorite sounds.... laughter!


  1. Laughter is a miracle drug, that's for sure! You captured her spirit perfectly in those pictures.

  2. Great post, it actually almost made me cry. There's nothing like hearing your child laugh and watching them have fun. I love the last picture!

  3. Love it--especially the last picture!

  4. So fun! Looks like you guys are enjoying summer :)


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