Monday, September 29, 2008

Oven-mitt: Friend or Foe

Once upon a time the oven-mitt was Ivy's worst enemy so Mommy and Daddy used that to their full advantage. The oven-mitt found it's home on the bottom of a bookshelf. It served it's purpose of keeping Ivy away from grown up books, games, and mostly to prevent any climbing babies! Just to keep the fear alive we would occasionally play a game called "chase Ivy with the mitt." (Sounds so mean, but was really entertaining!!) She would run away and give the oven-mitt the Ivy glare. Well, one too many games later....

Ivy over came her fear. Here she is checking out the oven-mitt. And mommy and daddy are so sad that their scare tactics can no longer put the incredible Ivy in fear mode.

Mommy and Daddy are currently looking for a new enemy to keep Ivy away from the bookshelf. So far NOTHING scares baby Ivy! Truthfully, Greg and I worry that she is fearless as she slams the door in the pitch black bathroom with herself shut inside. We wait for her to cry and scream for us to save her and instead we a hear a little voice say "boo"!

For now, we have a brave little girl who fears nothing. If you have any ideas for a bookshelf enemy offer them here!!! We need to keep our paper shredding, box opening, game piece eating, book shelf climbing baby away! :)


  1. That is too funny! We're actually having the same problem with Kaylan. We have our dvd players and things on top of a stool and she used to get into the cords so I put a blanket over the stool and she has never tried to look under there... soo, I was thinking about covering our bottom shelf with a cute pillow case or something. I'll let you know if it works!

  2. That is so funny! I love the idea! Good luck finding something else to keep her off of the shelf!!

  3. Haha! My child sounds much the same---afraid of nothing!

  4. That oven mitt on the games is HILARIOUS! I'm afraid you're going to have to break down and move things to a different shelf. It just makes life easier. :)

  5. girlfriend what about a picture of Mr.Noodle?????


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