Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Cinci Trip

Yesterday we (my parents included) packed up the car full of baby amenities and made the short drive to Cincinnati. We were so anxious to see Anthony and Chelsea. I think this was the longest stretch it has been of not seeing them... almost 6 weeks! I kept talking about Unc and Aunt Chels to Ivy and pointing them out in pictures. She would smile and keep going back to their faces so I thought for sure she would remember them instantly. When does this age come? Because she was very shy when we first got there. This is a side of Ivy that I NEVER see. She waves to everyone everywhere. But when we walked into their house she hid behind Greg and I. After a little bit she warmed up to them and was ready to play. We went out to lunch at a yummy- not so baby friendly- restaurant and then had United Dairy Farmer's ice cream. Yum! Ivy took a long nap while we caught up on each other's lives. It was so good to see Anthony and Chelsea. We miss them so much but thankfully they will be in Lexington at the beginning of October- hooray! Here a some pictures to capture our time with them.

Unc was trying to lure Ivy his direction with all of her favorite things :) I am so ready for her to see him and squeal and cover him with kisses! Enough of this shy business!

Unc's gimmicks worked~ He was able to spend some quality time over looking the city with her. So sweet :) He will make a good daddy someday!

Please pretend that Chelsea is in this picture. :( She is standing right there and once again I didn't get a picture of her and Ivy. I think it is because they have so many sweet moments I don't even think about capturing them all on film. However, in a few weeks we are going to do an Ivy and Aunt Chels photo shoot. ** PS~ Chelsea, Ivy immediately found you in her photo album today and grinned from ear to ear!! She loves you muchas!

Now~ I am sure you are asking what is that mini washer looking thing? Well, it is some super cool modern European style washer/dryer that Unc and Chels have, and it most definitely won Ivy's heart. It was just her size and she could push the buttons and everything lit up and made noise. Ivy was in love.... it had all the perks of a cell phone but 1 million times the size! :)

Pops and Ivy stopped to pose for a picture :) They were in the middle of a belly kissing session.... their absolute favorite game!!! These days Ivy pulls up her shirt to show Pop's her tummy so he can blow bubbles on it!


  1. How fun! I am glad she finally came around. Kids are so cute! Especially Ivy. :)

  2. goodness i love that little girl.


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