Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like He -OR- Like Me

Baby Sarah at 13 Months

Baby Ivy at 13 Months

Baby Greg at 13 Months

For those of you that know Ivy, she came straight out of womb and within minutes I looked at Greg with watery eyes and a smile stretched across my face and said "She looks just like you!" There was no doubt in my mind or anyone else's. Ivy has Greg's eyes, brow line, and facial expressions. There has never been a day that I haven't looked at her and seen a Little Greg :) Does this bother me? Of course not! I love that our little Princess looks just like her Daddy.

However, lately, so many people have been saying that Ivy is starting to resemble me. I don't know if it is her hair or the fact that she is looking more like a little girl. Regardless of the reason, I decided to investigate. So I ask you, fellow bloggers, like he or like me?

I would say your response is as quick at mine..... just like he!!! :)

*The hair
(Thank goodness... it gives her hope for the future... Greg's curls surfaced at age 13.)
*The teeth
*The eyes
(Including the eye brows- just like them!)
*The coloring
*The neck
(Obviously this isn't in the picture but if you have ever compared the back of Ivy's neck with Greg's they are identical!)

All in all we looked at several pictures of us growing up. It seems that the only thing that Ivy may not have adopted from Daddy is her mouth. Her mouth shape is very similar to mine... YAY- one mommy quality! I knew I was some how part of the equation. :) And Greg says the nose isn't either just yet. She is too little to tell! I thought you would enjoy the pictures and the undeniable resemblance. Please share... what do you think?


  1. Since I have never met Ivy in person, I would have to say based on pictures alone she looks like her daddy! People ask my sister if it bothers her that her daughter looks like her dad and she always says no way! I think Ivy is super cute! So way to go Greg. :)

  2. I think she looks more like Daddy!

    My daughter looks EXACTLY like her Daddy and I LOVE it! Never bothers me one bit!

  3. Sarah,
    I think she looks like both of you. I guess I may be the only one but I really think she looks a lot like you too!

  4. Well two things... 1) She looks like a doll in that shirt:) and 2) I am going with she looks like Sarah. I don't know what I think that, but I am going with momma:)

  5. I hear that comment all the time-but now as Natalie grows I hear more and more that she looks like me--I think babies resemble their daddies more in the beginning--having said that I still think she looks more like Greg but am definitely starting to see more of you in her! (By the way you look very grown up in your 13 month picture-you look at least 2)

  6. I am amazed (and flattered) that people actually think I look anything like Miss Ivy... :) Kim, I aggree baby girls start to resemble mommy as they grow older! And Kendra, that is a mighty cute shirt Ivy is wearing!!!

  7. I love that you did this! I may have to copy :) She does look like her daddy, but she does resemble you too. Bailey was the same way, she looked exactly like my husband the minute she was born! But more and more she is looking like I did at her age now. She still has certain facial expressions that make her look like Nick though.

  8. I have always seen a little of you both in her (considering I think I have only met your husband twice)...but that baby picture of Greg...WOW! They really do look alike. I have one those little girl daddy clones too. I think they are pretty darn cute!

  9. Oh Sarah, I have said from the beginning she was Greg's little clone, however in those pictures I think she definitely resembles you!! I guess we'll just have to wait and see who she's truly going to look like. Oh and by the way Nick and I love the shirt!! =)

  10. I honestly think she looks like both of you. She looked identical to Greg at first, but more and more like you each day :)


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