Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Day

This Sunday we dedicated our day to pumpkins!  We had a most relaxing pumpkin day in our pajamas until the afternoon.  We did not leave the house- even to go to church.  We had "home church." Complete with this sweet pumpkin devotion found on Pinterest, singing each family member's favorite praise and worship song, and enjoying fall together! It was a great day!

We started by painting these mini pumpkins that Ivy hand picked just for painting! She must have had her idea up in that little artistic brain of hers because in no time she had a very peculiar face complete with cat eye glasses, green lips, a spider on her face, and multicolored snakes for hair. 

Tula's favorite part was gluing eye balls all over her pumpkin face!  Their pumpkins turned out so cute and they are currently the only fall decor in my home.  I sure do love fall but I am not a fan of seasonal decorations... unless my kiddos make them or it's Christmas time!!
By night, it was time for pumpkin carving!  The girls had fun playing the goop and sorting out the seeds from the goo.  We made some delicious pumpkin seeds after they did the "dirty work." 
Don't be fooled.... Tula really didn't like getting her hands messy!  She had to stop to wash them several times whereas our girly girl, Ivy loved squeezing the pumpkin guts and making quite the mess on the floor. 
We saved the actual carving until post bedtime!  We were being pretty simple this year.  I told Greg I really wanted to use the drill (Thank you again, Pinterest!) so he decided a moon and stars pumpkin is what we would do.  It really is pretty!  Pumpkin Day might just need to be a new Smorstad Family tradition to add to all the wonderful things my family loves about fall!

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