Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I had a good trip!" By: Ivy

This weekend Ivy got to do something so special :) Unc and Esie invited her to come and stay the night with them in Cincinnati sans Mommy and Daddy. Ivy counted down this special trip for days and last Friday we met them half way and the fun began. To be able to spend this time with them was so special to her. She kept talking about "how much they must love her" the whole way to meet them. Seriously, she was over the moon that they would plan a little get away just with her!!

So needless to say, Esie was "hostess with the mostest," as usual, and showered Ivy with special meals- pizza for dinner, homemade milkshakes for dessert, donuts for breakfast, and even a "special" mac -n- cheese for lunch! :) Unc was the event planner with a trip to the museum and a grand story teller at bed time when they had no children's books.

So I decided to let Ivy be a "guest blogger" at Life Wrapped in Pink- so here are her words about her little trip with her only's!!!

"I tried to not let Unc kiss my cheek but he wants to because he loves me. I love him when he does he hand stands.... that's my favorite part."

"I am driving the bus to the princess' castle at the museum."

"Who is that boy shopping like a grocery store? Esie should've not taken his picture because he is not smiling. And also- does Unc probably go to the grocery? I think he is the shopper?!?"

"I have to iron clothes to wash them. Is that right? I don't know if you (Mommy) ever irons our clothes."

"Esie.... she loves me. Because she misses me when she hasn't seen me in a long long time. I love when Esie makes me a milkshake."

One final thought about Ivy's trip to Cincinnati from the traveler herself:
"My most favoritest part of the whole trip is handstands.... because I want to do handstands and I can't at my house!"

Insert Mommy-- Ivy is NOT very coordinated and her "handstands" have posed the threat of a broken neck!! Therefore, we have banned them and I am thankful that she can take such RISKS with her Unc :)

Now, this Auntie Smors is more than excited to have little trips with "Baby Unc and Esie's"...... seriously lets get that show on the road!! So blessed to have such a special bond with these guys and can't wait to have the same with their future (but not too future) kiddos :)


  1. How fun!! I was always so excited to be a Mommy that I never realized how much fun it would be to be an Aunt! You will love it!

  2. Facts I learned about Ivy in less than 24 hours:

    *She doesn't like getting "dripped on" by any form of liquid...Do not make her wash her hands and always pack hand sanitizer.

    *She sleeps under the covers, so do not have a panic attack thinking she can't breath and is going to suffocate. This is a normal position.

    *She does not like wheat bread, PB, marshmallow cream -- stick with mac n cheese.

    *She's excellent at using an eyelash curler.

    *She is banned from handstands(!!!!????) and this move will never be pulled on me again! :)

    I love that girl SO much, and can't wait to until Tula is bigger and can join her big sis for a sleepover! Thanks for trusting our inexperienced selves with your oh, so sweet one for one wonderful memory!

  3. Sweet post! It looks like a great time was had by all.

    P.S.--i can't wait for them to have babies!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this!!!

    She is absolutely hilarious and I love her to death.

    My favorite part is that she knows how much we love her. I love that she knows that and can feel that, even with us being far away and not seeing her as often as we like.

    And as for the handstands, she wasn't doing them. I was holding her by her ankles and she just had her hands dangling lol. That got her really wound up before bed.

  5. @ Anthony and Chelsea~ I love both your comments :) They make me smile! And yes, I thought clearly the best part of Ivy's memory was how she knows (without hesitation) that you all love her!


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