Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Tula Belle!

Dear Tula Belle,
I can't believe it has been a year. When I rocked you tonight, we snuggled longer than usual and I held you long after you were asleep, just thinking. I was thinking about a year ago this same evening- you were here, you were perfect, and you were so tiny. Everyone who had grown to love you while you were in my belly had come to visit you but once it became bed time it was just you and me.... spending quiet moments together.... just like tonight. How has it already been a year? In those 365 days you have blessed us a million times over. You personality has been such a gift. You are so pleasant and easy going- unless we mess with your food- and you are free to be flexible with a sometimes crazy schedule! You are so cuddly and I was afforded the gift of sleeping with you peacefully snuggled in my arms for the first 6 months of your life- and it was perfect. You were a breeze to transition into a bed and to wean from nursing to bottle and now are getting started on a cup. You giggle all the time and you fill others with joy when you scrunch up your face and squint your eyes to give the silliest smile ever. You really do have such a peaceful demeanor and we are so thankful for that! You adore your family and the feeling is definitely mutual. Ivy loves to help mommy take care of you, show you how to play with your toys (and you kindly let her!), and she always is ready to cover you with hugs and kisses after a day apart. You light up when your daddy walks into the room and cry if he doesn't give you enough attention before exiting. And mommy, well I am still pretty much your favorite and that warms my heart. You lean your head on me and it fits perfectly. You pat my back when we rock and I love the way you crawl all over me when going from one exploration to the next. We love you to the moon and back and are so thankful for the blessing of you! Happy 1st Birthday, Tula Belle, it doesn't seem possible that you are already one!!!

Clapping and booty bouncing are your favorite dance moves!

You will be on the move before long.... you took off with your new toy!

Swinging is your favorite.... and swinging with a cowboy, that is even better!

Getting a push from a good friend~ Sidney Shea and "Tu-tu" love each other!

Posing with the big girls!

Snuggles with Daddy are always good :)

Great girl friends eating Tula's favorite treat- ICE CREAM!!
(And as you can see Tula was trying to finish off her cake-)

Tula loves her Pops and gives him a big Tula grin every time she sees him!

Tula loves music so a music set was a perfect birthday present from Nana and Pops!
I think Papaw was trying to capture everything on camera since Meemaw missed your first birthday party.

Tula loves to eat~ and eating cupcakes with her favorite girls, Nana and Ivy, on her real birthday tops it all!

Mommy showing you how to blow out your candle.... but since you are still Mama's baby you couldn't quite figure it out! Maybe next year :)

Happy 1st Birthday, Tula Belle!


  1. Happy Birthday Tula. That was such a sweet letter.

  2. So sweet. Kason will be 6 months in 2 weeks. How is that possible? He'll be one before I know it. Happy birthday Tula! :)

  3. Happy birthday Tula!!!!! Man, I miss her soooo much!


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