Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Room Decor

I have to say I wish this post was about new room decor for my bedroom... because it is becoming a need... but that will have to wait until Santa pays me a visit!! :)

For now I am talking about Tula and Ivy's bedrooms. I am not much of a decorator and how I wish I could say that my kiddos have gorgeous, over the top rooms, they certainly don't. Their rooms are cute and practical at best. They are kids and I am NOT spending the big bucks on their stuff. I want their bedding to be soft, comfy, and kid friendly. I want their wall decor to match and add a special something but not be too pricey. I know their rooms will evolve quite often and I don't want to spend money on items that may only last a couple of years. So here are two new little touches that work with our budget and add in just the right places :)

Art Display

Ivy's room~ the problem at hand: Our girl LOVES art! And she is proud of every little thing she colors, cuts, or glues. She even wants to save restaurant menus! Having a place to put all of her stuff on display is difficult. So wah-lah- with a clothes line as my inspiration Ivy has a space to display her things for as long as her little heart desires.

4 decorative knobs (Hobby Lobby): $8
Mounting anchors: $1
Twine: FREE (found at our house)
Clothespins (Dollar Tree): $1

PURPOSE: This keeps my kitchen from looking like a day care and my child is super proud of her art work!!

Etsy Print Inspiration

Tula's room~ the problem at hand: Tula's bedding (which was also Ivy's nursery bedding) has a lot of coral. Coral is so pretty but oh so hard to match. I have yellow and green accents but have trouble finding much else to decorate. Until I found these precious prints on Etsy. They were perfect, but again the color was still a concern. I loved the birds and tree that would match our wall decal and the pick your own verse artwork was my favorite part of all! I showed Greg what I wanted to order as Tula's birthday present and he said he could use photoshop and make something identical. (Insert- thank you, husband for reducing the cost of this project by almost $50!)

Etsy inspiration: FREE
A photoshoppin' someone... in my case... husband: FREE
3 wooden white frames (8x10): $24
TOTAL COST: $24 (compared to $79)

Purpose: Fill a wall that I have been "thinking" on for over a year- sheesh! Happy 1st birthday, Tula- your nursery is now complete!


  1. Gotta love inexpensive decorating that helps finish a room! I'm with you on not spending a ton of money on the kids rooms. I love being able to find inspiration pieces and recreate them for next to nothing.

  2. Love that you have the practical gene, too---makes perfect sense to me. You are great at making your house a home--comfortable and full of love.

  3. You are so crafty! Love what you did with both girls rooms!


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