Friday, September 2, 2011

At 12 Months....

Tula is into everything- including all the nooks at the doctor's office!!
But besides that.... lets take a look at what's new :)

Tula Belle
12 months
Weight: 17 lbs. 10 oz (6%)
Height: 27 inches (6%)

Playtime: Music! She loves to clap, dance, and listen to songs. Favorites: Happy and You Know it! and Wheels on the Bus! She knows all the buttons to push to make songs plan on her favorite toys. She also loves hugging baby dolls, her animal puzzle, and walking all the way down the kitchen scaling the cabinets, fridge, and walls. Outside she loves to swing and would be happy for hours on end going back and forth...back and forth... back and forth!

Food: She is eating lots of table food! Favorite food is definitely pizza and watermelon- 2 of my ultimate cravings when pregnant with her :) She also loves ice cream for a treat and cinnamon toast crunch or graham crackers for a snack.

Drink: A month ago I was concerned that giving up a bottle might be a disaster.... but with her new found busy-ness the weaning is happening just fine. She has a bottle at night time that she loves but other than that she is using a sippy cup. We have been transitioning to milk but were told today that her belly doesn't seem quite ready for it. We were told to mix formula and milk 50/50 for a couple more weeks and then move to 25/75 to see if she can handle it. Then I was told- some babies just aren't ready for cows milk for a while- the latest is usually 18 months!! GEEZ- let's hope not!

Sleep: Tula needs lots of zzzzzz's but she is pretty flexible in her requirements. Two naps a day- time and length vary. Early to bed- by 7 on the weekdays- and is a late sleeper when she can be 8! We are NOT complaining :)

Developments: She is not nearly as verbal as Ivy was at this age- but still seems pretty typical! I now know that Ivy's vocab at an early age was not the norm. Tula will say Mama, Dada, and Baba. She repeatedly makes the Na-na-na-na sound when Nana is in the room and often will make the P sound for Pops but never gives the full Pops!! :) She says "IIIIIIIIIII" for Ivy, which melts my heart! She waves bye-bye once you have left.... delayed reaction :) Tula recognizes several words that she doesn't say yet- cat, duck, baby, hugs, kisses, birdie, ball, etc! She crawls and crawls FAST - Ivy was not an efficient crawler so this is all new to us! She walks along furniture is a little to brave for my liking wanting to explore areas that are NOT safe.

The only way to keep her still was to take a look in the distorted mirror :)
Waving "HI!"


  1. haha soooo cute!!! thanks for posting!

  2. what an adorable blog and post :) had to share!


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