Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meeting Our Only's

Ivy and Tula with their ONLY Aunt Esie

Tula had a big weekend!! She got to meet the very very special Unc and Esie for the first time ever. They have been itching to get here to give some love to little Tula and boy did they love on her. I believe she even opened her eyes a few times to take in the gorgeous couple. Esie didn't come empty handed.... she had to use this special occasion to lure Unc into the baby girl section of Target and Ivy and Tula both got some way cute outfits!

As Tula gets older she will learn (as Ivy already has) that even though she only has one Unc and Aunt, they have enough love to go around! They are practically professionals with seven nieces and nephews. I am so thankful that my brother married an amazing girl and hope my girls form a unique bond with both of them! One day they will make terrific parents, but for now they can spend their time practicing with my kiddos! :)

Tula with her ONLY Unc


  1. Tula lookin' good in my arms!

  2. AWWWwww my heart just melted 1000000 times! I love those girls so much and feel oh SOO lucky to be apart of their lives. Thanks for the "Onlys" post :)

    ...and I'm stealing the pics!

  3. I guess Tula and Ivy do have a pretty cool aunt and uncle! I can't wait for Baby G to meet them! :)

  4. Love love love them! It was a great weekend!

  5. Hey Sarah!
    Aaron and I are so excited for you, Greg, and Ivy! We cannot wait to meet Tula...the pics are beautiful! Miss you guys SO MUCH!
    Love ya, Erica


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