Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Babywearing Baby

A babywearing mama makes none other than a babywearing baby!

Mamas and babies loving the Ergo Baby Carrier!

Ivy loves her mini Ergo babydoll carrier!

Ivy also likes carrying her babies in a wrap-like carrier mimicking Mama's Mayawrap.

I love wearing my babies. I loved wearing Ivy when she was a wee-little one. In fact, I wore her so much that she hated (and still isn't a fan) of stroller or cart riding. And since I love wearing Tula, I will probably do the same damage to her! There is something so special about being able to hold your little one so close no matter what you are doing. Tula enjoys being close to mama and I can be hands free to cook, fold clothes, and play with big sister!

Cheers to wearing babies!


  1. I love this! I am a brand new follower! Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow back if you like!

  2. Oh, she is so sweet, taking care of her babies! I'll have to get my little girl some baby carriers.

  3. Really, really sweet! I love that she is also a baby wearing mama!

  4. How sweet! I didn't have a sling or carrier for Bailey, but have decided with a toddler this time around, it will be a great thing to have. Glad to read that everyone seems to be adjusting well, and hope your doctor visits are almost over and everyone is good and healthy now!

    Also, any tips on successful nursing? I didn't have any luck with Bailey and am constantly reading everything I can to hopefully have better luck this next time around.

  5. I got an Ergo this time around and am loving it so far for Elizabeth. It is so much more comfortable than the Snugli carrier I used with Caleb.

  6. Love the Ergo baby carriers! Thanks for sharing..especially since I have no idea what to buy for this baby! :)

  7. Oh my gosh Sarah this is ridiculously adorable! I cannot get over it! I was showing these pictures to Lewis & he was like, "we will have to get Isis one of those!" We got a Baby Bjorn because I didn't know about the Ergo carriers at the time. I want to get an Ergo with my next baby because I love that you can wear it front, back or on your side!

  8. Love, love, love it!!! I could not have survived the first 3 months without "baby wearing". Thank God for the bjorn!!!!!!!

    Ivy is so cute mimicking mommy

  9. So cute! We love the Bjorn! Ivy's carrier is adorable!


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