Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wisdom From Second Graders

Yesterday I received a set of cards from my second graders. I was excited to sit down and read them knowing they would remind me of a few things....

a. I have the best class (going on 2 years now)!
b. Those little people will make me look forward to going back to work when the time comes.
c. I will not take for granted their tips and suggestions because they are smart little cookies.

None the less, the cards left me laughing all night as I shared them with my mom and Greg. We have read some of them over and over so now I thought I would give you a peak into the kiddos that I am paid to hang out with when I am a working mommy.

Give Tula milk and a pasifire, be sure to wotch her.
- BD

Is Tula born? Is she little? Is she cute? Is she cuter than Ivy?
- CF

Keep Tula away from glass because she could tip it and the glass would break and will get into her skin and she might die.
- KL

You and Tula are the best couple, but we really want you back here.
- MD

Congratulations! Can you find your babies name in that word?
- IH

Babies are a lot of work.
- IH

Make sure you give Tula lots of love.
- RC

This is why I love my job.... those great kids make me laugh all day AND I am blessed with a killer maternity leave and won't be going back until after Thanksgiving!


  1. Hilarious! I like the one about the glass. That child has obviously had a run-in with broken glass! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a great group of kids.

  2. How cute! I went to visit my kiddos yesterday and took Ella and Grayson. They were all so excited and sent me home with an envelope of letters too! Makes me excited to meet them!!

  3. How cute! I loved the "Congratulations" one. What a smart kid!

  4. THat is an awesome maternity leave...Congrats!!!


  5. Haha! Cracks me up!! I told my kids that I was pregnant today and one of my boys said.."I guess this means you can't wear high heals anymore." Apparently pregnant women aren't allowed to wear high heals! Lol!! :)

  6. Oh my gosh! What cuties! I love the "Congratulations" one too, you've taught him well:)

  7. Too funny. I can not believe the 2nd grader came up with the "congratulations" one. That is pretty impressive. They must have an amazing teacher. Tula is just BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  8. Oh how funny!!! That is so great!

    It was so good to see you & Tula yesterday!!! She is so adorable & I want another one ASAP. haha I hope her & Isis get to be friends!!


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