Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TrickS or TreatS

TrickS or TreatS.....
Who says that, seriously? That is what I was saying after watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin with Ivy..... and over and over and over they kept saying "Tricks or Treats" and it has been stuck in my head ever since. If next Halloween I try to teach Tula to say "Trick or Treat" Charlie Brown style, I am holding you personally responsible to stop me!!! No child of mine will have the candy catching phrase wrong!

On to Halloween...
We had a super time! We had our 2nd annual Halloween dinner and trick or treat with the Amburgey's- and we had 2 more little people joining us this year! All in all, we had a great time eating Cicely's amazing chicken and dumplings, along with salad and fruit. The kids had a blast trick or treating and saying THANK YOU (with their Mama's reminding them) at every last house! Next year, it will be time for Ivy and Rhett to vacate the wagon and Tula and Sidney Shea will get to be riding buddies.
We didn't get one Trick or Treat this year, but instead we got two!
We were extra excited to get to dress up as a pretty little fairy one more time at Nana and Pops house on Sunday evening. Ivy definitely came home with lots of candy and a Halloween hangover on Monday (taking a SUPER long nap and being quite the grouch that evening). Today she woke up ready to conquer the day and beg for treats starting at 7:40AM!

The Smorstad Family
Halloween 2010

Fairies, Kitties, and Sharks.... OH MY!

TrickS or TreatS.... just kidding.... I will NOT use that wrong phrase any more!

Daddy and his little Tula Bear

The girls taking over the wagon for a bit!

Tired after too much candy!

Showing Tula the joys of Trick or Treating!

Loving her fairy costume and sparkly fairy shoes... I was reprimanded when suggesting her tennis shoes since "fairies don't wear tennis shoes!"

Pops and his fairy

Nana and Pops loving on Ivy and Tula!


  1. What cute little girls! I like the family picture too. :)

  2. I love that Ivy showed Tula her candy!! What a couple of cuties!!

  3. Great pictures Sarah!! And I have to mention that I studied the picture with your alls pumpkin in the background...I'm guessing I should give props to Greg for the perfect circle eyes and immaculate carved edges. I wouldn't dare show you all ours...

  4. chelsea- greg definitely did the pumpkin!!! my carving skills are horrible.... even my 1st graders have point blank told me that in years past!

  5. Such cute pictures of the girls. They are so beautiful.


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