Friday, October 29, 2010

We LOVE Fall

This week I am certain the temperatures have dropped to fall like weather and I firmly believe they will stay that way.... PRAISE JESUS, fall is here! I love fall. It is always the season I am most looking forward too. By the time fall rolls around, I am tired of the heat (especially when it started in March), I am excited for fall clothes, shoes, and socks, I am ready to be able to take walks and be able to breath, and I am longing for the yummy tastes of fall. So this week we are officially enjoying fall and this weekend we look forward to Trick-Or- Treating twice.... because we are lucky like that!! :)

Tula is smiling because fall is here!!

Ivy is showing off her fall treats to share with her friends at Kristy's house!

Awwww, a close up of the cat cookies!! Ivy was so proud of her masterpieces!

Tula bundled up ready for a walk in the gorgeous fall breeze.... can you say "Ivy"?
She looks so much like sister here! :)


  1. That is such a cute picture of Ivy holding the treats! What a fun idea. :) Tula is soo cute!!!!!

  2. I am loving the cat treats and Tula smiles!!!

  3. The cat treats are so cute but not as cute as the girls! Layni was looking with me and said, "Awww" every time a new picture of Tula came up. :)

  4. haha Ivy looks so proud of those cupcakes. I would love to hear her ramble about how proud she is of them. And Tula looks comfy there! Based on her life up to this point, I bet she was asleep within minutes on that walk.


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