Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tula's Playtime

Tula is growing up!! Every day she seems to spend a longer time "awake" after eating before dozing off for another sleep session. I am loving settling into the eat, wake, sleep routine that worked so well for Ivy. More wake time proved to be a little more difficult at first because she only wanted to be in my arms. This is not alway a bad thing because I LOVE the newborn stage but when I need to shower, drink my morning coffee, or cook this is not safe. After a little trial and error we have found some playtime activities that suit our growing Tula just fine!
By the way, she really is growing we went to the doctor last Friday and Tula had gained 2 lbs and went from the 5th to 15th percentile in just 3 weeks. The baby girl likes to eat!

This is Tula enjoying a nap after quite the play session in her new swing (Thanks to her soon to be best friend, Sidney Shea!) Before shutting those eyes she loves watching the little bird mobile and she coos and talks to them. It is so cute!

She is starting to focus on objects so she enjoys looking at some of the little toys she will soon be grabbing for!

Playing patty-cake is her all time favorite activity! This picture is capturing the start or finish of her big, open mouth grin! :) I have only gotten a good smile picture on my cell phone. I am not quick enough!

Tula will lay on her tummy but we have to be winding down, because this is a quick way to put her fast asleep. She gets a little too cozy!

**Now that we are mastering the eat, wake, sleep routine we are starting a night time ritual and a set wake time this week. This will help get her ready for Mommy's back to work in 5 more weeks! I will be posting about Tula's nights sometime soon :)**


  1. That little swing looks comfy! Had a great time with you all this weekend.

  2. She is SOOO sweet. So glad she is loving her swing and giving your arms a needed break:) And seriously, morning coffee is a must.

  3. Tula is growing so quickly and beautifully! Your perserverance in getting a schedule down will pay off! :) Thanks for sharing the great pictures!


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