Friday, October 15, 2010

Boyd's HOT Orchard

Last weekend we decided it would be fun to go to Boyd's Orchard for the first time this season. Fun is not the best word to describe our trip.... HOT fits much better! It was about 88 degrees.... yes, 20 degrees hotter than it is supposed to be today.... and we were roasting. Ivy will definitely say that she had fun but I hope to go back sometime soon and show her how much more pleasant the orchard can be when it feels like October rather than July! Even though we were in an extreme heat wave, I still managed to capture my favorite fall activity.

This was about the only animal action we had.... they were all sweltering and overfed so they weren't much fun to feed! But Ivy made for a cute little lamb!

Ivy enjoying the hay bale playground!

Take a closer look and you can see her face painting :)

Taking a break from the heat to go on a shaded hay ride.

Ivy and Daddy taking a look around.... next time we might get off the hay ride and actually enjoy the grounds but this time it was TOO hot!

Ivy and Tula
Fall 2010
Boyd's Orchard


  1. It was really hot when we went too and it was just miserable. I'm so glad Ivy actually participated in the activities since Colin would not.

  2. Nana may have to go next time--maybe that early November day I am off?? Surely it won't be too hot then!

  3. Tula looks so big in that picture of Ivy holding her!


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