Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the Season

Right after Thanksgiving (or maybe the day before :) ) we kicked off the Christmas season putting up our decorations and yes, busting out the Christmas music. But we did something new this year.....

We built our first gingerbread train.... Thank you, Meemaw! Ivy thought it was so fun. We really built the train in part one and then we needed to get our wiggles out and come back to the project later.

So that evening Ivy put on the finishing touches decorating it with every last piece of candy included in the kit! It was so much fun! This was a great way to get us all in the mood for Christmas :)
Another fun thing..... we have 4 stockings hanging on the mantle!!! This was one of those ah-ha moments where I said "Oh my goodness, I have two children!!"

Christmas gets better and better every year!

ps- Dance recital post coming VERY soon!!!

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