Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poor Boys

So Unc came in for a little visit last week. He was here to have some surgery on a cyst on his ear. Well, it just so happened that very same day Greg had to get a mole with abnormal cells scraped off the side of his head. We are thankful that both boys are recovering fine, but we could not help to crack up at the sight of the two of them eating dinner at my parents. They were pitiful.... but were the source of lots of laughter for everyone else! Talk about hilarious :)

Sad about their sore heads and puffy bandages.

Choosing to be goofy because I told them it really made for a great photo opportunity. Seriously, all the girls (except Ivy.... who was quite disturbed) were laughing hysterically at these two!!


  1. hahaha the dream team right there! those pics are ridiculous.

  2. He looks like Silas after his ear surgery! He wore a cup like that for about 3 weeks.

  3. poor boys--glad all went well for them. They were good sports though, to let us have a laugh at their expense!

  4. So funny!!! Sam and I both are sitting here laughing.


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