Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Day with Ivy's Imagination

Maybe you remember Ivy's friend, Niko, from a little over a year ago. Well, Niko stuck around for most of last summer but Ivy's imagination kept most of Niko a secret. She would give little reports about what Niko was doing and she would laugh if you asked her about him when she wasn't already rambling about her little friend. And then POOF.... out of no where Niko was gone and never talked about again.


Ivy has moved on in her stories of imaginary friends... or enemies. Meet Poppy!

This could be Poppy....

Or this may be Poppy on an older day....

Or this might be sad Poppy, when he is in trouble.

Poppy has been around for the past few months. We hear about Poppy daily.... multiple times. Poppy particularly makes his debut when Ivy is about to be rotten or has just gotten in trouble for being rotten. :) We believe Poppy is Ivy's conscious talking to her!!

This is what we know about Poppy:
1. He is a boy.

2. He has been said to be anywhere from 2 to 5.

3. Ivy identifies Poppy as any boy in public who is crying or getting in trouble.... a boy stealing puzzles from the library, a boy throwing food at a restaurant, a boy screaming at the park, a boy in time out at the pool.... these are the occasions where we have spotted Poppy.

4. Poppy lives in the Shaved Ice Shack on Main Street in Nicholasville. (We wave when we pass Poppy's house!)

5. Poppy's mommy gets very sad when Poppy is bad.

6. Poppy's mommy has given Ivy permission to punish Poppy.

So we typically hear about Poppy when he is in time out or when Ivy is telling him what his consequence will be. Ivy typically talks to Poppy in the car and the conversations are very familiar.... usually one that I have had with Ivy in the last 24 hours.

A Typical Talk with Poppy:

Ivy: "Poppy, you know when you don't talk nice it is sad."

Ivy: "Yes, Poppy, it does make us all sad."

Ivy: "Well, when you make the choice to use ugly words you will go to time out."

Ivy: "If you say those mean words again we might have to wash them out of your mouth."

Ivy: "Yep, that is what we will have to do....but for now, sit in time out."

This was a recent conversation between Ivy and Poppy. It is interesting to have our "rough" mommy moments played out between your child and their friend (or enemy). It also humors us that if we ask what Poppy did or why he did it, she usually just says she doesn't know but it makes her and his mommy really sad. I think this means she is remorseful for her actions... or that is what I am going to keep thinking!!!

Poppy, we hope you stay around as long as you are motivating our girl to keep her attitude around only when punishing you and reminding her how sad it is to get in trouble!


  1. Sarah, I LOVE this! Olivia had an imaginary dog named Sam for such a long time. Writing these memories down is just the best!

  2. This is funny! Ella doesn't have an imaginary friend per say, but she does have similar conversations in the car with her hands or feet. Each conversation is a re-inactment of some "bad" thing she has done in the past. Ella is always mommy and her hands or feet are the ones acting out. Interesting!! :)

  3. hahahahaha I died laughing when I read this. I can just imagine her having these conversations. And they sound dead up like how you talk to her haha. So funny!


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