Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ivy!

Happy Birthday to our Silly Ivy!

Dear Ivy,
I can't believe 3 years ago this morning I was laying in a hospital bed, going on 14 hours, waiting for your arrival. No matter what the doctors and nurses did to try to "convince" you that it was time to make your debut, you stuck to YOUR plans of staying inside of Mommy's comfy and cozy womb. It was not until 9pm that FINALLY we got to meet our 7 lb 4oz baby girl via a cesarean section. You were gorgeous! Your first look at me totally and completely melted my heart. You had your Daddy's eyes and I was amazed with how immediate your facial expressions looked exactly like his. I was in awe at the amazing creation that God had blessed us with. You had a few troubles as a newborn... mostly because you were so laid back (haha... not anymore), you didn't want to eat- you just thought sleep sounded better! But after a month you got eating down and you started to grow and never stopped. Three years has flown by! You have been transformed from an itty bitty baby to a 3 year old girl with TONS of spunk in your personality. You love life, love people, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE babies! You are like a little mommy in your own world of baby-dolls, changing diapers, feeding bottles, reading stories, etc. I see you mimic many things that I have done for you over the past 3 years. It is amazing to see your maternal instincts at such a young age. You also love to be silly. You make faces, dance, and do funny voices all that catch Daddy and I off guard. You love to be with people. You are in awe with your family and you have a little group of friends that you talk about all the time! We can't wait to see how you grow and change even more over the next year. You are turning into quite a little lady and we are already trying to teach you "lady-like" behaviors. We are so proud of you and know that you are going to continue to make us proud over the years. You are a child of God and you are starting to understand this more and more each day! We are so thankful for the blessing of your life.
We love you, pretty girl!
Happy Birthday, Ivy!!
Mommy and Daddy


  1. Happy Birthday, Ivy!! I can't believe how fast these little ones grow up!

  2. so sweet!! happy birthday ivy!! :)

  3. Oh yay!! Happy Birthday miss Ivy!!!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl-you are such a gift!

  5. I laughed so much at her silly faces - thankful you captured them! I'm so glad we were able to be apart of celebrating her life Sunday.


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