Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daddy Daughter Date!

This past Saturday Greg and Ivy had a very special day! They went on a double Daddy daughter date with our friends, Trent and Addy. Not only was Ivy elated to get to have some one on one time her Prince Charming.... Daddy was more than excited to introduce Ivy to something that he loves. They went canoeing! Greg loves all things outdoors and he has been talking about taking her to canoe Kentucky. He was pumped when he heard that he could canoe so close to home with Trent's outdoorsy connections. All week long, Daddy prepared Ivy for the canoe trip. He talked about safety (only with Mommy's prompting) and he talked about swimming in the Kentucky river. All the talking paid off.... Ivy wasn't scared at all! She loved their canoe trip and is still talking about it. I love seeing how much Ivy loves Greg and I am so thankful for them to form these memories together. Now, it is my job to make sure he continues to take her on dates throughout her teen years (when the drama is peaking).... maybe dates with Daddy will keep the boys away!!


  1. I love it. I'm sure she they had a blast.

  2. I'm so glad they got to spend this time together. What a fun date!


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