Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Much Needed Update...

The view from up here....

The view from out there....

Well, I say it is a "much needed update".... not because much has changed but because I don't think I have blogged about pregnancy since about 20 weeks. I suppose that is what happens with your second- it is a lot more fun to take pictures of Ivy than it is to try to pose for a picture myself!

So I am 33 weeks pregnant today.

Exactly 7 weeks from this moment I will be holding Baby Tula.... and I can't wait.... or maybe I can. I am excited (but nervous) about being a mommy to a newborn again but I am just praying that all the insight I gained through reading and talking to other mommies will come flooding back. I truly love the newborn stage. I loved it with Ivy and I am excited to be back in that place. I looked at her baby pictures this morning and got giddy inside. But I know it will be different and that is why I am nervous. I am going to have to carve out time for EVERYONE and this will be a new feeling. I am thankful for my many friends that I have already watched adjust to being a mommy of 2... and they survived!

Thoughts on this pregnancy:

* I feel one million times better this time than I did with Ivy....
a. I am eating way healthier.
b. I am more active- walking 4-5 days a week.
c. I have no choice but to get up and get moving every day!

* I have gained about the same amount of weight to this point... but it looks very different this time. I don't see it as much besides in my belly. By this time last time I was already VERY swollen and it was ALL OVER weight.

* Heartburn- yes!

* Cravings- fruit and ice cream

* Nursery- almost done... :) (pictures soon!)

* Most excited about- nursing again, loved this time with Ivy and it was cut short due a variety of things that led to her to stop... this time I know what to do different as a working mommy!

* Most worried about- Ivy adjusting and feeling just as loved!

* So far I have liked this pregnancy so much more. It has flown by and I am feeling so much more comfortable. I hope to continue this positive mantra when school starts and I am EXHAUSTED!

* Once again, I am crazy and love being pregnant in the summer. I will plan it this way again and again. People always say.... "Picked a hot summer to be pregnant"... but really I wouldn't have it any other way!

UPDATE: Since I know you all care (NOT REALLY!!), but I do and am so excited about this update. I went to the doctor yesterday and I am 6 lbs down from where I was with Ivy at this same point. Which is super exciting!! I gained a whopping 52 lbs with her and anything less would be a total victory. Heck, maybe by my 3rd baby I will stay between 25-35 like they suggest. For now, I have gained 29 lbs at 33 weeks! Cheers to that :)


  1. You look absolutely stunning!

  2. Love, love the first picture!! Great idea. I look forward to seeing nursery pics and oh my goodness Tula will be here so soon

  3. What a cute pregnant woman you are!! You give me hope that maybe I'll enjoy my second pregnancy more than I did my first. Can't wait to see her nursery!!

  4. You look great and I can't wait (and i even rhymed!) I can't wait for Tula to get here!

  5. You look great! Love the pictures. You will be a great mommy to two:) (And 3, and 4!) I was so nervous about making sure Naomi felt just as important as when we had Gabs, but you just kind of get into a groove and it works. Hopefully we can flow right into 3 the same way:) Can't wait to see the nursery!

  6. First off, you look great and it sounds like you feel great on top of that! I can tell you all the knowledge from #1 does magically resurface in your brain. I was convinced mine was long gone but it's like I just picked up where I had left off. You'll do fine! Wow! 33 weeks - you're in the homestretch now.

  7. Cute post and cute mommy! :)

  8. I LOVE the top pic...that's a keeper!


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