Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Story of an Impatient Girl

Ivy is a full blown two year old.... a little over a month early. By 9:30 this morning she had approximately 8 melt downs. If she was told no-- fit-- if she couldn't figure something out-- fit-- if I didn't come running when she called for me-- fit-- not wanting to get dressed-- fit-- orange shorts not green-- fit... I think you get the point. This is draining and never ending but sometimes you just have to laugh at their stubbornness! Tonight we got home from the grocery store and Ivy wanted to go swimming. I obliged, considering we tried to swim this afternoon just as it began to thunder. (You can guess what followed as we had to get out of the pool due to the coming storm- FIT!) So, I thought she was following me through the maze of boxes in our garage to go in and get on her bathing suit, only to see that she was headed straight to the pool. Low and behold I got to the backyard shortly behind her to see this:

In the pool, fully dressed- shoes, bow, non-swimmy diaper- and she didn't even drop her sucker on the way!

She was happy to play just like that until her diaper really started weighing her down. She allowed me to strip her down (no fit- YAY!) and then she decided she wanted to sun tan in her birthday suit!

It's a good thing that at the end of a day full of temper tantrums I still can say this little gal is the keeper of her Mommy's heart!


  1. So sweet! We have a full blown two year old too---it can be tough at times, but like you said... very hard not to laugh!

  2. Hahaha! She cracks me up with how much she loves the pool! I'm glad you aren't the only one because Brayden has been throwing fits as well and it is so hard!

  3. Love the pictures! Isn't it amazing how you can be frustrated one minute and the next second you want just want to squeeze them?!

  4. she's adorable!!!! PS (this is totally off subject) but the word verification I got to post this weird but it made me laugh out loud!!!


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