Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daddy'sDAY SaturDAY!

On Saturday, Ivy had a day with Daddy!! They had so much fun and Greg even took pictures so I could blog about their special time. I had to go to Georgetown to start my first 2 master's classes. I am really excited about the ESL program and I think these 2 classes are going to be great. I didn't come home half as anxious as I was before I left. So anyway, on to the exciting stuff.... Daddy'sDAY!
Greg took Ivy out to Veteran's Park. They have hiking/biking trails, lots of plants, and a creek running through it all. It is one of Greg's favorite places to go and enjoy nature and just relax. He had been planning all week on this little adventure. Ivy LOVED it! She walked on the trail, picked flowers, collected rocks, and even got in the creek! She was impressed to see dogs swimming in the water, too :) I am so excited that Ivy has a Daddy that is no doubt going to impress his love for the outdoors on his little one. Yay for a SUPER day with Daddy!
On her way in.... Ivy was a step ahead!

Posing with a big tree---- a REALLY REALLY big tree

Taking a photo break on the walk back toward the car.
*Greg apologized for not getting pics of her in the water.... are you kidding? Honey, I was so glad that you didn't let go of her when she was standing in water that runs into a waterfall. Good call on avoiding a catastrophe!
*Also, please note that Greg made sure Ivy had all her girly accessories in tact before heading into the wilderness!!


  1. A girls got to have her accessories! She is adorable, what a great idea.

  2. Looks like they had fun. She is adorable, I LOVE the glasses...and the fact that daddy knew to bring them!

  3. Look at her cute sunglasses! What a fun day with Daddy!

  4. Yay for a fun day with Daddy! Those days are so special for them :)


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