Saturday, August 16, 2008

Portrait Shoppe

Ivy got her 1 year pictures taken at the Portrait Shoppe a few weeks ago. We were very impressed with the photographer and the pictures that we purchased. They were quick and did some unique things. Check out their website at to see what they have to offer your little one!!

Ivy loved sitting with all of the presents!

This is her more serious face with the fake cake :)

This is what I was most excited about. I know the quality of the picture isn't very good because it is a picture of pictures. You get to choose three pictures to be matted, framed, and personalized for a reasonable price. Not too bad!! Ivy loves looking at her pictures. She always touches the one where she is eating a cup cake. I think it makes her hungry :)

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  1. She is so pretty! I love the frame with the three pictures! Super cute!


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