Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day with Miss Kendra

This morning was the first real day that Ivy has had a babysitter since the last day of school. Over the summer Nana is off work so any time I absolutely had to do something without Ivy by my side she stayed with Nana. I was worried about tears and not napping and quickly realized when I arrived at 3:45 that my child was as happy as a clam. She had quite the day with Miss Kendra, John Hunter, Will, and we can't forget the dogs or the fish! Ivy got to play outside, go on walks, and enjoy all the boy toys to the fullest all with the pink blankie in tow. Here are a couple pictures that Miss Kendra e-mailed me at work so I could catch a little glimpse of Ivy's day!

I love this picture of John Hunter and Ivy looking at the fish pond. Ivy is captivated by him and likes to watch everything he does. I heard JH may have a little crush as he has taken a liking to giving Ivy lots of hugs :) He's going to have to work pretty hard because I think she is just smitten with Mr. Eric (JH's Dad)!

Ivy posing by the window. Look at that wild hair!!!


  1. I am so glad Ivy had a good time! I know that makes you feel better about leaving! I hope school goes well for you :)

  2. That's fun that she has little kids to play with! And very nice to get pictures during the day. That seems like a good idea...letting her keep her bottle before bed! Did Ivy have any trouble giving up the other bottles during the day? We've been giving Bailey milk in her sippy cup at lunch and she seems to be doing ok with that. I'm kind of worried about her morning bottle...she gets so excited when she sees that after she wakes up!

  3. What a great baby sitter to send you pictures! I bet that made you feel better about having her there. Looks like she loves it!

  4. That is awesome that she sent you pictures. I am sure that made you feel better!


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