Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun with Friends... Long Night with Ivy

Last night we had Kayla and Nick, and Ashley, Drew, and Brayden over for pizza. We had a good time eating and talking. Us ladies (including Ivy) made the boys eat in the family room while we took over the kitchen. Brayden had a good time hanging out in his diaper and watching baseball with the boys. Ivy ate pizza, watermelon, and lima beans and showed her "please" sign language over and over again. After a while it became Brayden's fussy time (at the exact time that Ivy used to be fussy) so we took a walk with they wagon. By next spring Brayden will be able to ride with Ivy in the wagon. They will have so much fun! Kayla had fun playing with all the babies. Her and Nick are going to make amazing parents because they get lots of practice!! But right now, they are still enjoying their time as newlyweds (a little over a year :) ) and are ready to give the babies back to get a good night sleep. Speaking of good night sleep.... we did not get that at the Smorstad household!

Ivy loved being in Brayden's car seat! It made us realize how big she is :)

Nick letting Ivy play with his phone. Her favorite toy!!

Brayden hanging out in his diaper. He loved Ivy's glow bear and at times she wasn't so sure about sharing with Brayden. Soon I will be able to explain to her that Brayden has shared his toys, bed, and car seat with her!!! She better be nice!


I wish I could say we were worn out from entertaining into the evening but it isn't that fabulous. Ivy slept her longest stretch from 8 until 9:40 last night. She has had a little cold (I think because she is getting more teeth) but last night it really interfered with her sleep. Every time we laid her down she began to gasp for air like she couldn't breath. After several attempts we ended up taking turns sleeping sitting up so that she too could be sat up. We are all tired today! Ivy has already taken one long nap and now she is down for the next one. She seems better today. I am hoping the Zyrtec will help and tonight we will get our normal zzz's!! Wish us luck and say a little prayer if you'd like! We would definitely appreciate it :)


  1. How fun! It looks like you guys had a blast. Hopefully next time Kermie will be home and we can stop by too! I am sorry about the lack of sleep and sick baby! These stinky teeth need to hurry up and get here and be over with! A play date at the mall sounds great too! We can get together on a Saturday maybe to play. Let me know what you think!

  2. Ah the joys of being parents. Sounds like I have lots to look forward too! I hope Ivy gets to feeling better and you all can sleep!

  3. ivy.. dont you know sleep is so important. Hopefully tonight went better:)

  4. Thanks! I hope Ivy is feeling better! Sleepless nights are no fun for anyone:(

  5. It is so hard when you don't get any sleep!!

    You have DeAnna and Jessie on your blog list!!! I LOVED that show. I watch all of them. I'm not sure why because none of them ever stay together! Hopefully this time it will last!!!

  6. We had so much fun playing! Thakns for letting us come over!


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!