Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1 Year Check Up

Today was a big day! We went to Ivy's one year check up. I couldn't have even imagined this day when it seems like a moment ago we were at the doctor's office every day doing weight checks and pricking the bottom of her little foot. In a year she has grown so much.
Height 29 1/2 inches (59%)
Weight 20 lbs. 5 oz. (34%)
When I went to file her 1 year guide in her folder I pulled out her 2 month appointment sheet. Then Ivy was 22 inches long and a mere 9 lbs. (We worked super hard to get there in those first two months!) It is hard to believe in 10 months she has grown like a weed! I am so excited about the adventures we will embark on in the next year~ :)
Ivy's Favorite's:
Words- bye bye, duck, meow (almost forgot that one!)
Sign Language- please (She does this even to do things like pull on the blinds!!)
Food- cheese and lima beans
Book- anything about animals (especially books with flaps and noises)
TV/Movie- Sesame Street (not Mr. Noodle-haha) and Baby Einstein
Toy- baby dolls (She likes to feed them and hug them.)
Faces- a big toothy smile or a scrunched up mean face
To Do- go for walks/wagon rides, play with friends, look out the window, go to the park and pool, read books, rock in the rocking chair

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  1. Sarah~Your little girl is so cute!!! Just wanted to tell you that my 5 month old weighs almost as much as your 1 year old!!! He's almost 19lbs!!! Have fun being part time teacher this year!! I'm jealous:) Amber Hawes


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