Saturday, April 13, 2013

MAJOR sister milestones

 Ivy lost her 1st tooth!
Over spring break, Ivy's dream came true!  She lost her 1st tooth.  She has been waiting for this day for a long time as she watch her older friends wiggle away and then welcome a big hole in their mouths.  Greg and I were thinking back and believe she has been talking about the same "loose tooth" for about 2 years.  Well, it really started wiggling the Thursday before spring break and a mere 8 days later it was out!  She was determined!! 

If you know Ivy, you know that she can be quite the drama queen. {I used to think she was "head strong" but after meeting Tula's lovely toddler personality I have learned that Ivy is simply overly emotional and dramatic.... and Tula is HEAD STRONG.... another post for another day!} Anyway, the tooth pull did not go without major drama.  She asked if I would pull it and brought me the kleenex, it was almost out but as soon as I twisted it bled and she freaked.  She let it dangle and bleed for about 5 minutes as she stared into the bathroom mirror and scolded me over and over, "I can't believe you made me bleed!!!!" All the while, Tula stood close watch over the bleeding tooth and thought we needed to go to the hospital.... shoooo the mommy of almost 3 girls!

The drama lasted about 5 minutes before Ivy made the decision to pull the rest of it, then she went from tears to smiles!  She was so proud.  The tooth fairy came that night after Ivy left her tooth in her special tooth box on the dresser- she refused to put it under her pillow because she thought that would scare her.  The tooth fairy did not conform to inflation of tooth prices and left a practical $2!  Ivy was super excited about her discovery and spent her money on lip gloss the very next day!  She is now looking forward to her new "bumpy" tooth to come in and watching for it everyday. 

Tula no longer has a paci!
 Big deal- for baby and mommy!!! I knew it was time after a week at home with her over spring break.  When we were around any of our younger friends Tula wanted to be a baby....paci, blankie, hold me.... the whole nine yards.  I had visions of a new baby and Tula trying to imitate everything Joss does and shooo it scared me.  One baby at a time, please.  So the Monday after spring break I snipped a hole in the two remaining pacis and Tula was funny!!!  These were some of her claims and requests on Monday night:

"I'm just going to play, I don't sleep without a paci."

"Just glue it.... okay.... we will hang it to dry and then I will suck on it."

"This is not a good night for this.... no it's not!" 

After a rough go of falling asleep, lots of rocking and back rubbing, Tula fell asleep and slept well through the night.  Tuesday she went to school and did well at nap time, but by Wednesday she attempted to negotiate for a paci from Ms. Lisa.  

"Give me a paci!"

"No.... not the broken one (Tula has refused to even put the broken one in her mouth).... give me Lila's paci!" 

(When Lisa refused -obviously- this was Tula's reply....) "My mommy said, you will give me a paci!!!"
When Tula realized that both Mommy and Ms. Lisa were on the same page and it was time to just be a big girl she really has stopped talking about it.... but not without one more accusation on the way home from school on Thursday. 

"Mommy, did you cut my paci?"

"No, no.... I think that just happens when you are big."

LONG PAUSE...... "Yes, you did!" 

Tula might be totally onto my scam, but that is okay with me, because it worked!  She has done a great job transitioning and learning to fall asleep without her beloved paci.  We rewarded her with a stuffed My Little Pony, which she now has decided she loves (after an initial rejection because nothing was as good as a paci).  She is proud of herself and has said many times that now she is a big girl!   

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