Monday, April 8, 2013

Take a Hike.....

"Take a hike!!!" I've always wanted to say that to someone getting on my nerves and this weekend I decided to throw that line at the end of spring break coming near! And so we literally did just that, and set off to take a hike to prolong our weekend of bliss before we start the home stretch of the school year. 
We have never really "hiked" with kids so decided to turn down an offer to go to Natural Bridge and go to hike trails on Asbury's campus just a 10 minute drive away.  We weren't sure how long our high maintenance girl would last walking and we really didn't know if Tula would stay put in the backpack.  But both girls were AWESOME!!

Ivy was quite adventurous and not scared of the skinny trails and climbing a little to take a seat under a rock ledge.  We had to keep reminding her to have her eyes on the trail instead of on the other hikers.  {Our girl has a serious nosey problem- already a pro at honing into other conversations while losing all gracefulness.... not okay on a hiking trail!} We enjoyed God's beauty on our walk- looking at little blue flowers, really tall trees, and calming waterfalls.  It was very relaxing. 

Tula loved being in the "bag pack" and even wanted to continue her ride at home- to which Daddy answered "NO!" She could see all the sights, relax, and not have to hold our hands.... which she hates doing.  We will definitely try to do this a few more times while the weather is perfect!

At the end, both Ivy and I were relying on God to carry one foot in front of the other as we had to hike back UP to the car.  Our legs were tired, we were thirsty, and it was time for lunch- but we did it.  We kept praying out loud (to ward off any complaining) and before long we were back up to the top.  

Taking a hike was the perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous Saturday and prolong our end of a very relaxing spring break week.  But no matter how long we wanted our break to last, Monday arrived.... but we now only have 6 more Mondays of school and 38 more days.... I' m not sure who is counting.... but summer is just around the corner!

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  1. How fun for your fan!! Glad the girls enjoyed it!


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