Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Time 2013

Easter is one of my most favorite times of the year. It is such a time of hope for everyone..... old and new Christians alike.  It really takes me more than one day to truly understand what Christ did for me and you- for everyone, like my Sunday school kids said.... "He even died for people in other countries who are weirder than us, who we have never even met, like people in California."  Haha!  But they are right, He died for everyone to erase our fears of death, to cleanse us of our daily sins and even the big, ugly sins that aren't your everyday sins, and to give us a hope during the saddest times when we loose a loved one.  That hope that surrounds the Easter season is contagious and I absolutely love it!

We started off Easter a little down with 2 sick little girls..... well, my little girl was healthy by Friday afternoon and my big girl caught the germies of the little one by Thursday evening.  My prayer was.... to go to church together as a healthy family on Sunday and God gave us that.  Thankful!

So because Ivy was still sick, she and Daddy stayed home while Tula and I got to spend some time with Unc, Esie, and Graham at Nana and Pops' house on Saturday during the day.  It was great to snuggle on that chubby cheeked baby and reconnect with Anthony and Chelsea.  It was also quite comical to see Tula practice her big sister skills with Baby Graham (who is nearing to surpass Tula in size).  We missed Ivy and Daddy so much but hope that a trip to Cincinnati is in the near future!

When Tula and I got home we got to do a backyard Easter egg hunt with Ivy and Daddy since we had to miss our church egg hunt.  But listen how cool our children's minister is, she delivered a huge bag of treat filled eggs for our girls because she didn't want them to miss out.  Jessica is awesome!  And this really made a huge impression on Ivy that she would show such kindness in remembering her.  

Clove had fun tagging along for the egg hunt and even cooperated for a family picture as Tula stuffed her mouth with as much candy as she could before we took that bucket away! 

The Easter bunny dropped off a basket of goodies on Sunday morning.  Both girls were most excited about their new spring crocs.  Tula shed her footie pj's so she could put her's on right away!  Once again, Tula was also taking the opportunity to inhale treats, treats, and more treats before breakfast- something that never happens.  

God answered our prayers to get to go to church as a family on Easter morning.  Ivy was feeling back to normal and was ready to see her friends.  Ivy loves any opportunity to get fancy and Tula really was just excited about her new green puddle jumpers that she has asked to wear every single day.  I love love love their Easter dresses, I kind of wish they made a grown up version so that I could match them!  We would be that family!

This year I landed the opportunity to teach my 2 favorite Sunday school lessons ever.... both December and March were my months- so I got to stray from curriculum and teach about the birth and death of Jesus.  I got to use the resurrection eggs this weekend, which my girls love to play with all year round at Nana's house, and then I taught them to retell the Easter story with jellybeans (thank you, pinterest)! The kids did a great job and really seem to understand the calling to spread this message of hope to others.  

After church, we went back to Nana and Pops' house to celebrate, this time with our family of 4 in tow! The girls got another basket of goodies and I am sure you could already guess how Tula responded- chocolate.... yes, please!  On the other hand Ivy was most excited about her lip gloss and new bathing suit. 

This morning we kicked off Spring Break..... with another stinking fever.... no thank you!  We kicked Tula's fever with a morning dose of tylenol and didn't let that stop us from enjoying the day.  We thanked God that no one had to take a sick day, we could sleep in, and had the day to sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize!  

We even made sure to keep our yearly tradition of dyeing Easter eggs.  Ivy was most excited to mix the colors and write on each of her eggs.  Tula was most excited to get to be involved in such a messy task.  I was all hands on deck to make sure we didn't have any major catastrophes.  I am thankful for these memories that we get to make together. 

I have hope thanks to the grace and love of my Jesus.... of your Jesus.  
Happy Easter.... He is ALIVE!

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