Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Girls Room

It has been almost a month since we made the "transition" to the big girl room.  I say transition because I assumed we might have to work toward this sharing a room thing but Ivy was so excited about a new bed and Tula being in there with her and Tula was just excited about the big bed- that we have never looked back!  The night time took no time to adjust.  The girls love their bed, bed spreads (which Ivy says has trees and birds and Tula says has "pine cones" -AKA porcupines), and new curtains.  We are currently working on getting some art for the walls and hope that will be done soon.  Greg put up the gutter DIY book shelves that I found on pinterest and they have been a hit.  The forward facing book display has helped us to get to read different books every night- a nice change from 32 nights reading the same book!! 

The day time adjustment has been a little more difficult- to be expected I suppose.  Ivy is VERY clean and organized, Tula is pretty much a human tornado- opposites- YES!  Our hope is that they will continue to learn from one another.  Ivy is learning to be flexible and really play without worrying about the cleanup.  Tula is learning to pick up and how to put things away nicely.  Sharing a room, they will definitely push each other to the limit, at times, but I think the bond they will grow to have will be something that is so unique and special.  They have already started playing together.  They like to go play babies on the top bunk or draw on the art table.  They do have spats- like any normal sisters- but at the end of the day it is only love.

And this is the love that I have found a few times..... Ivy joining Tula on the bottom bunk.  Makes my heart melt!  We have also loved listening to their early morning conversations on the monitor. This bond of sisterhood.... times three.... makes me so excited and eager to always be a fly on the wall.  I never had a sister but I have heard many stories from my mom and my friends who were blessed with sisters.  I am thankful that my girls, Ivy, Tula, & Joss, will be the best kind of best friends- sisters!

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