Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

We had a big Memorial Weekend at the lake surrounded with lots of family..... all 28 members of the Jones side were together! For the first time in a long time!  Family is super important and specifically family traditions, but things change has 4 of the 8 cousins are now married and have children of their own.  We are spread from Cincinnati to Birmingham and holidays can be difficult for everyone to meet up but this year we did it.  It was a blast!!

We are so thankful to my Aunt Dee and Uncle Paul and my cousins Josie, Dane, Shea, and Harper for sharing their lake house with everyone! They were all excellent hosts and we were blessed to all come together in a house that we could all fit under one roof.  
{My family might be a bit crazy but we don't typically dress alike.... this photo was right before a big family photo!}

We got to soak up lots of time with Anthony, Chelsea, and that smiley baby Graham!  I was a self proclaimed baby hog and wasn't ashamed about it.... I haven't gotten to squeeze him enough lately!

Ivy and Daddy bravely went out on the boat two days.  They rode jet ski but tried to stay out of the chilly water! Tula settled for a nap time and then Greg took her out on the canoe for a little lake outing.  She was just as thrilled and continued to call the canoe a boat :)

The baby cousins had a blast playing together.  Ivy and Tula were the only girls but they were able to hang with the boys and have a ball!  I am not sure where Greg and I missed the ability to have baby boys but the rest of the family clearly got it!
Tula loves her Pops..... always!  She spent lots of time snuggling him and singing him happy birthday!  

I don't think anything makes my grandparents happier than all their family under one roof.... well except maybe the fact that U of L won the National Champions!  But none the less, they spent lots of time catching up with their 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren!

My cousin Angela with her two boys Cooper (6) and Cason (1) and her sister Rachel's two boys Cole (4) and Knox (1).  Look at all those boys!!!!

Nana was definitely having a great time with all her grandbabies in one place!! And as you can see they are all smiles to be in her arms.  

The Smorstad family had a great time celebrating Memorial Weekend catching up on lost time with everyone.  There were old memories stirring as we talked about Mamaw's dumplings and new memories made as our children played together.  I am thankful for this time and cherish the moments when the stars line up and we can all free up our schedules to spend a weekend together!  I can only hope that it will become a Memorial Day tradition!

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