Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a mini-trip to the zoo

The summer time is a time for me to slow down and step out of routine. I do that- but then I also have to speed up to get everything in before I blink and August is here.  This summer my sis-in-law and I decided we were going to enjoy the fact that we live a hop, skip, and an hour and half car ride away from each other.  We are planning little day dates for our families to get together and to make sure that little Graham recognizes hugs and kisses from his auntie, sweet smiles from Ivy, a little too much talking from Tula, and an Uncle G who is going to love him like the only boy he'll probably ever have.  Of course, my girls adore this time with Unc and Esie (and now Graham) and are always so excited to see them!

 Cousins- thankful for the blessing of family.

A perk of living in a city with lots of things to do is having a yearly pass to the zoo.... like I have for going to the park about the only thing to do in Nicholasville.  When my brother and his family go to the zoo it's FREE!  Then with their passes my family of 4 can go for $15ish.  AWESOME.  So Sunday post nap, husbands included, we packed up for a very hot evening at the zoo.  Hot until it stormed and we huddled under an umbrella and in the gift shop for 30 minutes..... then the zoo was empty, animals were happy, and we enjoyed the breeze the rain brought in.

Loving these chubby cheeks in awe at the sight of the elephant.
Graham has been to the zoo a few times but for the first time he actually noticed an animal :)  He loved the elephants and he ooooo'ed and awwwwww'ed at them.  It is great to take in life through the eyes of this growing boy!  I am sure he was thinking... what is that? look at his nose? and oh my goodness, his toenails are the size of my hand!!?! He was mesmerized by this ginormous creature.  I can't wait to hear about each new animal that Graham discovers as he visits the zoo.

My girls were super jealous of this tiger hanging out in a cool bath while the zoo was HOT! 

Our evening in Cincinnati was well spent, exploring the animals, indulging in some Skyline Chili, and catching up with Anthony and Chelsea.  I can't wait to see what our next summer adventure brings!

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  1. Yayy for making family memories!! We had such a good time - we love you all!!


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