Sunday, January 15, 2012

The REAL Snow

On Saturday night a REAL snow came and fell on our little town of Nicholasville. And Sunday morning it brought us....

A little SNOW angel :)

Maybe it was that her plea to get outside and burn some energy with Daddy was answered.

Or perhaps it was that they made a very GREEN snowman complete with only natural decorations.... very DaddySmors of them!

None the less, MamaSmors was so HAPPY to take our little Snow Angel to see Beauty and the Beast!

(And we went out on a limb and watched it in 3D..... but Ivy prefers "1D" of course! Because if 2D is flat she would like it to be VERY VERY flat so 1D it is!)

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  1. Love the snow! Glad I was there to enjoy some of it with you guys!


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