Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Girls Feeling Big

Ivy is growing up too fast and rather than trying to hang on so tight that she suffocates I am trying to embrace it when I can. No, I will not cave in a let her wear lipstick or high heels like she would love. And Ivy does not get to drink coffee like she requests every Saturday morning. Last, she goes to "little kid" church even though she really likes to sing in "big church". So not everything goes. I want her to be little, 4 and a half to be exact, for a little longer! But some of her new "Am I big enough for.....?" are starting to make me excited about her future and what is to come. Last month she had a big girl first!

Ivy and Elyse used to "nap" a Kristy's and make some big plans.... plans that included play dates, pool dates, church dates, and sleepovers. Us mommies barely knew one another so these were big plans for the then 3 year olds. A few months later, the girls turned 4, the mommies become pool buddies and then teaching buddies, and some of these big plans actually were carried out :) We had been holding off on the last one but Christmas break seemed like the time was right! Ivy and Elyse are both nearing 4 and a half and the sleepover requests were flying on our end. "Am I big enough to have a friend sleep at my house and have a sleepover party?"

Well, the mommies decided it was a go and these little girls had a blast! So our first sleepover was a total success with pizza, movie night (Beauty and the Beast was the feature), swimming in the tub, and staying up WAY too late! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as they laughed and giggled and knowing them made some more big plans.

These little girls definitely felt big when they woke up in the morning knowing they had pulled off their first ever sleepover!

All was smooth until about 10am.... when both grouchy girls needed a nap! :)
I see many more sleepovers in our future!

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  1. Precious, beautiful girls! We're all so lucky to have and work with great mommy friends who are kids are growing up with! I love it!


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