Saturday, January 21, 2012

Little Mover

Tula Belle
19 lbs 14 oz
They have released us from the need for weight checks as recommended at her 15 month check up!
Height: 29 inches
As I thought, she shrunk 2 inches from her 15 month height! Mama was right about the inaccurate measurement!
I finally was able to catch this little mover for some new pictures! She is nearly impossible to photograph any more because they always turn out blurry as she is dancing, waving, clapping, or simply running away.

Tula's favorite go to spot is the bathroom. She loves to stand on this little stool, look in the mirror, and brush her teeth! Climbing on things helps our vertically challenged girl to see things a little differently :)

Look how big she is getting! She is starting to have knack for playing~ but her attention span is just about 5 minutes so in an hours time our play area looks like a bomb went off!
* Cooks in the kitchen- 5 minutes
* Color Wonder markers- 5 minutes
* Little farm animals- 5 minutes
* Lots of books off the shelf- 8 minutes
* Little play house- 5 minutes (YAY no mess!)
* Feeds baby doll- 5 minutes
* Runs with baby stroller- 1 minute..... icing the new goose egg from hitting a wall- 4 minutes!!
* Dancing diva- 5 minutes
* Tea party- 5 minutes
SHOOOOO.... Mommy is tired!

Tula does love books! (The only thing that she will do for more than 5 minutes!) I have been reading to her each evening and FINALLY she enjoys being read to instead of trying to eat the books. She loves peek a boo books the best! And she always finishes and goes back to her favorite page to read again once it is over.

Peek- a- boo!! Tula's blankie and paci are her very best friends!

Night-night! Our busy little girl will go get her blankie and paci and lay down anywhere when she is ready for a nap or bed time!

Tula still requires A LOT of sleep! Just a little down time for Mommy to rest a moment to have enough energy to move, move, move when she is up to play again!


  1. So cute and getting so big. Love her so much.

  2. Love, love, love her!

  3. She is so cute! She looks a lot like Ivy in some of those photos.


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