Saturday, December 10, 2011

a LONG wait....

Ivy is four and a half.... and apparently by four you want to be in charge of all things fashion related! We have to negotiate with all things fashion- shoes, clothes, socks, even panties. And we can't even start to talk about hair accessories- Ivy has big plans! For the most part with a little game of you pick, I pick Ivy is dressed in a mommy approved outfit and is ready for her day :)

But hair is harder for me to fight~ I love it short! It looks absolutely precious, it is easy (no tangles), and I know how to do short hair. But our girl, the planner she is, had other ideas. So this is the third time that she has expressed interest in long hair. She specifically says she wants to grow it out like Esie :) She adores her Aunt Chelsea! So, maybe the third time is a charm, and we have gone several months without a hair cut and we FINALLY have a pony tail!


She is so proud, but it is still not where she wants it. Every morning and every night she looks in the mirror and shouts, "It grew today!!!" It has most definitely grown, but it is still taking her a long time. I keep telling her that growing your hair has a long wait!

Lesson learned: Ivy and I are working together to "style" her newly long hair and the biggest lesson, a dose of patience for us both!


  1. So cute! It is funny before I read the post, I looked at the first photo and the new photos in your header and thought....."Wow, Ivy is stylin'"

  2. haha love her! and love that she wants to be like Chels. Good one to look up to.


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