Friday, December 23, 2011

How about a toy, sweet girl?

Tula is a girl on the move. She runs from one end of the house to the other and doesn't slow down long enough to play. She climbs on anything "climbable" and she is really into balancing on things not meant be balanced on. She runs, rolls, spins, and flops onto any big pile of fluff. But toys.... she does not really do toys.

If Tula stops long enough to "play" it is not with toys. She likes to unload the drawers, unpack the pantry, and undecorate the Christmas tree. She likes to stack containers, throw lids, and hide ornaments. But she doesn't do toys.

Ivy is trying to teach her to play- with toys, that is. Mommy and Daddy are working hard to show her how to pretend- with toys, that is. Our house is like a little girl section of a toy store... seriously! And we want our girl to "sit nicely and play- with toys" isn't that what girls do??!! It is definitely how Ivy played.... but Tula is not Ivy, she is Tula and we have heard more than once that she is "our baby boy!" And our baby boy, Tula Belle, does not sit and play, she runs and destructs and gives Mama lots of mini-heart attacks every day.

So it brings us to Christmas time- and although we are rejoicing that Tula really "wants" nothing, that is part of the fun! So we tried to find some FUN, NEW, ACTIVE Tula toys. We are really wanting to get her sold on this "sit nicely and play" thing but we will have to see. We will see if the gifts that Nana Claus and Santa Claus bring are good enough for our girl~ I have my doubts, but I am going to remain hopeful!!


  1. She and Hattie Jayne would be 2 tiny peas in a pod! My girl is wild, too, much more like Turner than Layni. I will say though, that little girl wildness still has nothing on a toddler boy! :)

  2. Nana Claus scored with the ball pit!


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