Thursday, December 1, 2011

15 Months.... So big!

So it is that time again.... Tula went to the doctor for her 15 month check up!
Let's see how our little missy is growing :)

Tula Belle
15 months
30 inches (37%)..... which I believe is VERY inaccurate....
Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz (4%)

So Tula is still little.... really, really little! I don't think the nurse's length measurement was correct- not blaming her- Tula is a mover and very difficult to measure. But I don't believe she could grow a bit over 3 inches in 3 months and still be wearing all the same clothes. I think you can see 3 inches of growth on a 2 foot frame :) But anywho...

Other than her little bit of growth, lots has changed over the last 3 months! I feel like between 12 months and 18 months a whole new little person appears. They are learning and mimicking at a rapid pace and you never know what their next step is. So here is a little about Tula Belle at 15 months~

Pretending..... Tula is a girl after her Nana's heart and she learned to apply lipstick at a young age and she is good at it! She loves to get it out of her play purse and put it on, over and over and over again. Absolutely hilarious :)

Climbing.... I don't think this word can even describe our little monkey. Tula gives me a heart attack at least once a day because I am shocked to see what she is getting into. I know I have never had a boy of my own, but both my dr. and sitter said Tula is my boy! She is wild, running and climbing anything she can. Tula's first big climb was on her little rocking chair. She has been climbing to sit in it for several months but one day she had to go a little further. As I am putting laundry away I turn to find the chair turned with it's back against the crib and Tula standing on the 2nd rung looking into her bed!!!! Seriously? She is a dare devil!

Outdoors.... Tula loves being outside! She cries every day when we get out of the car and come into the house. (If the girl would wear a hat we could continue to play outside!) She especially loves chalk. The little artist carries a piece in each hand and motors around Ivy's art work. Every now and then she will crouch down and give a little chicken scratch on the driveway, and then she is off running to find another perfect spot for a masterpiece!

Food.... Tula loves FOOD! Her favorites are bananas and she eats one everyday! She stands at the counter by the fruit bowl and begs for "nan" over and over again. She eats all the table food that we eat and out eats her sister at every meal. With only 2 little bottom teeth, we have to cut things up pretty small but she does a good job getting it down! Tula finally weaned to strictly whole milk three weeks ago. Her belly seems to finally be able to tolerate it without problems. She loves milk and is not a fan of juice AT ALL. Tula also has just learned how to help blow on her food and that is what she is doing in the picture. If she takes a hot bite she will start blowing to let us know that it is a bit too hot for her little mouth!

Sick.... Sad but true- but Tula has learned how to be sick over the last few months. We have just about everything from fever viruses, to blisters on the throat, to throwing up, to ear infections, to the croup- if the germ has been around we have had it! A sick day for Tula means lots of sleep, lots of cuddles, and learning new sick behaviors. Tula has mastered a fake cough and pretending to blow her nose! I could eat her up :) Look at those pitiful pouty lips- precious!

Words... Tula is a girl of few words and in this house that is a blessing (for Daddy)! Ivy and I do plenty of talking! Haha :) But Tula has a few favorites:

* "Yeah" that was Tula's first word and still most common! She has been answering questions with a "yeah" or a head shake for about a while... and every time her answers make me laugh!
* "Da-da"- Daddy won this battle by a long shot- but to give Mama some points she called both of us "Da-da" :) In the picture she is pointing to our family picture and yelling "Da-da!"
* "Mum"- Yes, my 15 month old calls me Mum! And it is not okay, so I am totally encouraging the baby talk of Mama or Mommy.... however, for Tula, less is more and she is sticking to "Mum!"
* Tula speaks the occasional Chinese to some of her favorite friends- Jack the cat, her cow toys, Minnie Mouse, and Ivy!

We love our little Tula Belle :) Her adventurous spirit and tight hugs keep us going! I wish I could push pause but since I know it won't work, I will enjoy all her little changes and embrace each new stage as it comes. :)


  1. so sweet. I love that she's so small! Just wish she'd let her Unc hold her.

  2. She is too cute! I agree that her length is off. E was measured at 30 inches yesterday and she seemes tall to me. Most of her 12 month pants are highwaters now. And E has a similar rocking chair that she loves to climb onto. She hasn't climbed the rungs though!


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