Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silly Girls

This has alone been Ivy's one reason not to want to go to pre-school.... she has missed her friends at Kristy's house. She has been with some of those kiddos since she was a little over a year and a half and you form a fast bond. Now, Elyse is different! She and Ivy were playmates for a year and Kristy kept telling me all year that they played SO good together. She talked about how their imaginary worlds were connected! And the talk didn't stop there- Ivy talked about Elyse all the time and coming from Elyse's mommy the talk was mutual. So going to pre-school- leaving her friends- especially Elyse, has been hard. Daddy was dropping Tula off first for convenience reasons and after one day of Ivy seeing her friends waving to her from the door she was done- she wanted to go to Kristy's and leave pre-school behind. Little does she know several of her friends will be (if they already haven't) starting pre-school and will not be at Kristy's either! Daddy changed his drop off routine (Go, Daddy!) and we planned a play date with Elyse and pre-school has been smooth sailing ever since!

So it was a giggle fest when we got Ivy and Elyse together and they even had mommy laughing- these girls were silly- and I am going to share some of my favorites :)

We picked Elyse up when we got Tula and here is where the conversations began!

Elyse: Where do you live, Ivy?
Ivy: Well, I live Entucky, Nicholasville 1-1-7 Lefty Loop
Elyse: Reeeeeaaally? I live in Kentucky, Nicholasville too!
Ivy: You do!?!?! Yay!!!

Talking about another little girl at the babysitters... I seriously don't know where they get these things!
Ivy: Let me tell you this. Have you heard that Sydney lives in the woods?
Elyse: No
Ivy: Well, she does. And let me tell you this.....
Elyse: Waiting in anticipation....
Ivy: A real tiger ate her dog!! (Mommy gasps in the front seat!)
Elyse: I'm glad I don't have a dog!

Elyse told some funny stories about Tula getting into everything at Kristy's and the response....
Ivy: (With a very serious look).... Elyse, are you babysitting my sister? Cause I have to go to school.
Elyse: (Equally as serious).... Yes, I sure am!

Girls doing what girls have always done best- going to the bathroom together! (Starts at a young age.)
I hear them cackling together, so I round the corner to tell Ivy to give Elyse some space and I hear...
Ivy: Leesee (know idea how to spell this nick-name)... you are nakee as a jay bird!!
Elyse: CRACKING UP!!! You are so silly, Ivy!

Rapunzel and Ariel White (which they called one another the WHOLE time!) had a great time playing together and prolonged leaving as long as they could. It was a good dose of friendship for Ivy and she was happy to go back to pre-school knowing she had a little friend fix with Elyse. They are already trying to plan their next play time!


  1. so funny! could picture ivy saying all of this. hilarious.

  2. This is hilarious. It is such a girl thing....even the talking back and forth.

    Is there such a thing as innocent gossip?!?!?

  3. Doesn't it just make your heart smile to see them playing so well together?! I love that Elyse is 'babysitting' Tula while Ivy is off at school! It's like the mother hen watching over the nest while the daddy goes to collect food. Super cute!

  4. So cute! I love listening to little kids talk to each other.

  5. That is so cute! Ivy making sure someone is watching her fabulous:) Girls are so funny!


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